Muhurat Trading क्या है? इस बार मुहूर्त ट्रेडिंग का समय क्या है?



Muhurat Trading is a special one-hour trading session during Diwali, symbolizing prosperity and wealth for the upcoming year in the Indian stock market

Muhurat Trading क्या है ?


Investors believe that trading during Muhurat brings good fortune and success. It marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year with positive energy.

Muhurat Trading का महत्व?


Muhurat Trading has a rich history, dating back to 1908. It has become a cherished tradition, bringing the financial community together on Diwali.

History and Tradition


The exact timing of Muhurat Trading is announced by stock exchanges like BSE and NSE a few days before Diwali. It is usually held in the evening for about one hour.

Timing of Muhurat Trading


Traders plan their strategies, analyze market trends, and prepare for Muhurat Trading to make auspicious investments.

Preparing for Muhurat Trading


Many traders perform puja and traditional rituals before starting the Muhurat Trading session, seeking blessings for a prosperous year.

Rituals and Customs


Invest wisely during Muhurat Trading. Here are some tips:  1. Research market trends,  2. Diversify your portfolio, 3. Stay updated with market news.

Tips for Investors


As the Muhurat Trading session concludes, may the light of prosperity shine on your investments in the coming year. Happy Diwali!