Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030, Heavy Profit!

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Hello Friends! Today I will tell you that Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030. If you also want to know about it, then please read this article till the end and if you like this article then do not forget to give rating. Forget it.

Friends, there are many cement companies in India like Ambuja Cement, UltraTech Cement, ACC, Shree Cement etc. But today I will tell you only about Ambuja Cement because the quality of its cement is very good and its business is also going very well.

In such a situation, it can be estimated that this company can definitely give good returns in the future. In this post, I will not only tell you about Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 in Hindi, but I will also tell you how much risk is there in it and

What is its future? I mean, I am going to do a complete analysis of the company today. You must also be seeing that due to the gradual increase in infrastructure-related works, there is very good growth in the companies of the cement sector, due to which big investors are seen investing huge amounts in these companies.

So friends, now without any delay let us know about Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 in English, but before that I want to give you a little information about this company, so that you can also know about its business. Understand it well.

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Ambuja Cement Company Details In English

Ambuja Cement is one of the largest cement companies in India. This company is also known as Gujarat Ambuja Cement Limited. It also started many years ago i.e. in the year 1983.

Currently its headquarters is located in Mumbai, India. It does the work of manufacturing cement with great enthusiasm and is one of the most popular and largest cement companies in the country. The people of the country have great confidence in Ambuja Cement because the quality of its cement is very good.

And houses, building etc. are constructed with great strength. Currently, more than 4,735 employees work in this company, the company is also growing very well. In such a situation, it becomes important to know what its share price will be in the future, about which I will tell you further.

If we look at its share holdings, we see that promoters have 63.19% share holding, public has 9.64% and the remaining holdings are with Dll and Fll. You can guess how good this company is only from its share holdings.

Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2023 in English

If we look at the cement sector of India, we see that Ambuja Cement is the second largest cement company in India after UltraTech Cement. This company has control over about 12 market shares of the entire country, so why not, after all the company is strong.

Due to the rapid increase in infrastructure and construction-related work in the last few years, the demand for cement is also increasing rapidly. In such a situation, Ambuja Cement is also getting a big benefit from it.

Because Ambuja Cement is a strong company in this sector, the company is rapidly taking advantage of this increasing demand. According to the management, in the coming time the company is going to get orders for cement for many such big infrastructure and construction-related projects.

If we talk about Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2023 in Hindi, then by 2023 its first target can be Rs 490 and the second target can be Rs 530. At present its price is around Rs 400 to Rs 500.

Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2024 in English

Due to which, there is every hope of very good growth in the sales of Ambuja Cement in the coming days also. Ambuja Cement is gradually trying its best to expand its business rapidly in different regions of India.

If we look at it now, the presence of the company’s business is mostly seen in the states of India like Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan, but gradually the company is planning to spread its presence in different states of the country as well. And work on this is going on in full swing.

These states are Assam, Bengal, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh etc. Here too, the company is making rapid efforts to expand its business, for which new dealers are also being established by the company. It is possible that some of its dealers may already be established in your area.

If we look further at Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2024 in Hindi, then we see that it can give very good returns in 2024 also. There is full hope that its first target for 2024 will be Rs 555 and its second target will be Rs 590.

Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2025 in Hindi 

Above I told you the names of many states where its practice is very high, but it does not mean that it is not used in other states of the country. It has thousands of dealers present in all the states of the country but much fewer in comparison to states like Punjab, Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan.

Due to its business being spread across the country, the company can easily supply any of its products across the country. The company is fundamentally a very strong company, whose financial reports have also appeared very good. Besides, it is continuously showing good profit and sales growth.

The best thing about the company is that it has very little debt. The company currently has a debt of Rs 47.71 crore. Rather it is ₹25,23.05 Cr. It is a cash-rich company with Rs. 1,000 crore of cash, something you might have rarely seen before. The company has shown a good profit of 14.1% in the last 5 years.

If we talk about Ambuja Cement’s Share Price Target in 2025 in English, then it can give very good returns by 2025. Its first target for 2025 is likely to be Rs 630 and its second target is likely to be Rs 690.

Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2026 in Hindi 

Ambuja Cement Ltd. It is also continuously working well on cost efficiency, due to which it can easily increase its margins significantly. Ambuja Cements has been working on sustainable growth, especially in the cement segment.

Apart from these, the company also has a strong pipeline of projects, through which the company can significantly increase its capacity utilization and do even better business in the future. Now it is not that only positive is positive in this,

Rather, along with positive factors, there are also negative and risk factors present in the company, which you must pay attention to before investing. There are some threats like coal shortage and rising oil prices, both of which are the main threats for Ambuja Cement.

If I talk about Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2026 in Hindi, then its first share price target in 2026 can be Rs 745 and its second share price target can be around Rs 800.

Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2030 in Hindi 

I have just told you about the main threats to the company, but you will be happy to know that Ambuja Cements has become a subsidiary company of Adani Group and Adani Group is working on the rapid growth of all its companies.

You must be knowing about Gautam Adani ji, since when he took over this company, the good days of the company have started, however earlier also the company was doing very good business. But Adani ji’s matter is different.

As for 2030, it is for those investors who want to invest for a long time and are looking for a good and strong company to invest, if you also want a similar company then you can also consider Ambuja Cement. Yes, this is a very good company which can become rich in future.

If we talk about Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2030 in Hindi, then its first target for 2030 can be Rs 1350 and the second target can be around Rs 1500. It may be more than this but it completely depends on the company.

Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 List in Table

Years Target 1 Target 2
2023 ₹490 ₹530
2024 ₹555 ₹590
2025 ₹630 ₹690
2026 ₹745 ₹800
2030 ₹1350 ₹1500


Ambuja Cement Risk Management?

Friends, you have learned what can be the Ambuja Cement share price target from 2023 to 2030, but now I will tell you how much risk is there in this company. Whenever you invest in any company, you must check how much risk is there in it.

The biggest risk for the company is other small local cement companies. You must have often seen local cement companies around you, these companies have taken over the entire area, which can cause huge losses to Ambuja Cement.

If we talk about its other risks, then the companies in the cement sector have to invest a huge amount all the time in their business. If in the future, Ambuja Cement is unable to invest in its business due to less capital, then the company’s Accordingly, huge decline may also be seen in business.

What is the future of Ambuja Cement?

If we look at Ambuja Cement from a future perspective, then it seems capable of giving good returns in the future because fundamentally and technically this company is very good, it has no debt and it dominates a large part of the market share.

Apart from this, Ambuja Cement is also seen partnering with many big construction contractors and companies to further increase the growth of its business, due to which its brand value is also very strong. Happening.

In the future, as work on new construction-related projects starts, Ambuja Cement will see its benefits in the long run due to the good partnership with the contractor.

DESCLAIMER: Please note that we are not a financial advisor, so before investing in Ambuja Cement, please think once and invest as per your risk.


FAQ’S Related Ambuja Cement Share Price

1. Is Ambuja Cement a debt free company?

Yes, of course! Ambuja Cement is a debt free company.

2. Who is the owner of Ambuja Cement?

Ambuja Cement is a parent company of Adani Group.

3. Can Ambuja Cement give us good returns in future?

Yes, of course! The company is very strong and has a lot of chances to grow in the future.

4. When was Ambuja Cement Company founded?

The Ambuja Cement Company was founded in 1981.

5. What is Ambuja Cement Company’s market capitalization?

Ambuja Cement Company has a market capitalization of Rs. 78,691 crore.

Conclusion (Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 in English)

So friends, in this article you learned that Ambuja Cement Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, 2030 in English. I hope you liked this article and got to know a lot of new things from it.

Friends, I have given you complete information about Ambuja Cement Company, how much is the risk in it, how is its future and what can be its share price target etc. I have told you well about it, now if you want, you can invest in it. Are.

In the end, friends, I would just like to tell you that if you have any doubt or question in your mind, then ask by commenting, we will help you completely and also share this article with all your friends and on social media platforms, as well as this article. Don’t forget to give rating.

Thank you!

Always keep learning ❤️

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